Thursday, August 25, 2011

My tea collection!

Aν και χειμωνιάτικο το θέμα του τσαγιού, για μια μανιώδη σαν κι εμένα δεν έχει εποχή!
Λατρεύω το τσάι και συγκεκριμένα το καλό, καθαρό πράσινο τσάι. Μπορώ να το πίνω όλη μέρα. Σχεδόν απο κάθε ταξίδι που κάνω, φέρνω πίσω στο σπίτι κι απο ένα κουτί τσάι (άντε δυο!).
Μου αρέσουν επίσης πολύ και τα αξεσουάρ του τσαγιού.Tο αληθινό του σερβίρισμα είναι ολόκληρη τέχνη σε κάποιες χώρες.
Εδώ είναι μερικά απο τα αγαπημένα μου τσάγια! Αν έχετε κάποιο να μου συστήσετε μην διστάσετε!!

Although speaking  for tea is a winter talk, for a maniac like me, has no time!
I love tea, and in particular the good, pure green tea. I can drink it all day. Almost every trip I make, I bring back home, a box of tea (ok two!).
I also like very much tea's accessories.The serving is a true art in some countries.
Here are some of my favorite teas! If you have to recommend it me a new one, do not hesitate!

Kusmi Tea Imperial Label
 *Green tea with orange and cinnamon*

Mariage Freres Festin d'Or
*Green tea with marigolds and Moroccan mint*

 Laduree Thé Mélange
*China and Ceylor tea with orange rind essence, 
cinnamon, caramel, China rose petals, bergamont, vanilla*
Whittard  of Chelsea Christmas spice Imperial Tea
*Black tea and Christmas spice flavouring*

Clipper Organic Pure Green Tea
 Clipper Organic White Tea With Vanilla

Waitrose Camomile Infusion 
Waitrose Camomile with Limeflower and Lavender Infusion

Teekanne Punsch Mix
Teekanne Sweet kiss *Cherry Strawberry Flavoured* 

Teekanne Huttenzauber *Fruit tea mixture with orange rum and grapes*
Teekanne Winterzauber *Fruit tea mixture with cinnamon, cloves, almond biscuits*

Whittard of Chelsea Irish Tea
*Pure Assam Tea* 

Renute Green tea with Ginger

A small collection of  Whittard of Chelsea's Teas

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I love tea! It was great to see your collection, you have so many pretty tea containers! xo

  2. Love this post, my favourite tea at the moment is Kusmi Detox tea.

  3. I wrote about you on my blog! Check that :)
    Loved the post.

    Mariana -

  4. I love tea!! Would love to get Laduree tea here in Australia.. I'm sure it would taste amazing!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Please visit again x

  5. we have something in common!!! i have my tea collection too! and i love inviting people to share them! ♥
    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  6. I love tea...

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  8. Wow! You've got a great collection of tea. I'm a tea lover as well. :)

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  11. mm looks yummy, and healthier than my coffee!

  12. Hiiii!:D
    Are you from Geece? ooh! i studied greece the last year in my high school, but But ancient Greek so I do not understand the modern hahahaha, and I was there two summers ago, Greece is BEAUTIFUL:D
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  13. Yes, follow each other!!! I follow you, you follow me??????
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  14. Love your collection.At the moment my favorite is green tea.Who knows about tommorrow LOL.

  15. Hey hun! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am following you for sure :) I love tea!!! Great post.... I think I will make myself some tea right now!

    xoxo Denise

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  17. I looove tea too! :)

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  20. Beautiful tea collection! I'm all about a strong dark tea, so Earl Grey for me, nothing too fancy.

    xo Mary Jo

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  22. You are welcome! glad you liked that :D

  23. hi your tea collection looks great the white tea with vanilla sounds lovely my favourite is M&S's earl grey it comes in a stripey grey box and it's the best earl grey i've tasted! x

  24. Aww lovely tea collection!

  25. Such a wonderful collection you have here... I also love tea (but mostly in winter), cherry flavour. Mmm. I absolutely adore that Teekanne tea (cherries- strawberries).
    p.s. sure we can follow each other, I already follow you,


  26. I love tea.
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  27. I didn't know Laduree had their own tea! Do they only sell it in Laduree shops??

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  28. I love tea!
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  29. very nice collection!! wow!! how much tea (?!?) :-))
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  30. Hello :) Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog :D
    Wow I love all of these pictures they're so cool! I've never been a fan of tea but I really wish I was. I love your previous post with photo's from your holiday, they're gorgeous :)
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    Take care <3 Holz oxo

  31. i'm smiling from your photos! zizi bloom is a tea addict. my fave photo is the teapot & teas all lined up in front of the chalkboard. my favorite tea is herbal mint, or orange spice.

  32. i love dringking tea! im now drinking moringa tea because of the health benefits :)
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  33. I am tea crazy so nice to see that you are too! Btw, thanks for the comments on my blog. Would love to follow each other. Following you now :)

    Heel in Mint

  34. I like tea too.

  35. I like it!
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  36. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog!

    what a tea collection you have! I love tea. You might think I'm original but I love green tea, especially bitter green tea! Ahhh. When I visited Japan I was able to taste a medley green teas! Yum! Anyways, you have an awesome blog.

    Stop by my blog @

    Sarin (:

  37. yummm I LOVE tea! you have such a great collection! I work at a coffee and tea cafe and we have a great selection of green, black, white, rooibos too!

  38. wow! τι πανεμορφοοοοοοο! τι υπεροχη, τεραστια συλλογη! ε οχι μπραβο σου, εξαιρετικο ποστ και ξηλευω απιστευτα...δυστυχως εδω στην Ελλαδα δεν εχουμε και απιστευτα μερη για τσαι ουτε βρισκεις ευκολα πολλες ποικιλιες!Αν και στο "Δρομο του Τσαγιου" μπορω να καθομαι για ωρες χαζευοντας και μυριζοντας διαφορααα υπεροχα τσαγια! Λατρεψα το ποστ!
    Φιλακια γλυκια μου!

  39. Wow u have more teas than me shoes!:Dlol Love the tea, during the whole year, it's so good post!!!!

  40. Zizi, you have an impressive tea collection. Seriously! I love teas too, and have a few, but this is ... wow... a "collection".

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

  41. This post is so sweet. Love it! In Portugal there are also very good tea, when you walk around here you should take a few boxes with you, you will see that the tea here is delicious. :D


    I'm already your follower

  42. Love your tea collection, will have to share some pics of tea stuff I have soon.


  43. Great collection of tea :)

  44. Hi, I love tea too. Mostly some fruit kinds. Love you photos ;)

  45. Beautiful collection but ... where do you live ?

  46. και μενα μαρεσει παρα πολυ το τσαι!!!!αποτι ειδα εχεις υπεροχες γευσεις!!ιδικα εκεινο με το κερασι!!!